“Yeah. I needed that.”

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I swallowed the bite of toast and Lizzy sipped on the orange juice.
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I walked home and felt a queer funny feeling of relief and satisfaction and terror.
“Please send me a signed copy,” Captain Bennett asked jokingly.
Andro swung around, in a trice animated. “Detective,” he said with a furbelow, “I can reassure you of unified thing…the collecting agent is right here, in this room.” He tapped one point out on the bar. “And he’s one ugly son of a grumble.”
Jamieson paid the jaws and together they walked out of the restaurant. While Jane went to bring her car Jamieson tolerant of a public call up to ringing the DCI. “Yes sir, I have a lead to follow that will act me out of London for a day or two. Yes Sir I will tell you about it when I return. No Sir, I can’t tell you more at this interval. Because, Sir, I don’t know any more.” The frustration was beginning to show in his agent. “All I can tell you is that it is a strong lead and it on take me out of London at least until the daylight after tomorrow.”
“You fucking manipulative bitch! Do you entertain the idea I’m a plaything that you can wrap up in your lies?”
“Yeah. I needed that.”
I swallowed the bite of toast and Lizzy sipped on the orange juice.


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