“Yeah and Adam but they didn’t pick up.”

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Bacon… Was that what I could smell? And coffee?
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The pile was a black Mark 10 Jaguar, low and robust. As Roberts watched the driver adjusted his celerity to compare with the Morris. The cars entered a long sweeping bend and Roberts took his eyes away from the Jaguar to direct on the access ahead. As the two cars reached the apex of the corner the Jaguar swerved onto the Morris sending it careening off the road and down the embankment.
“It weren’t me, sor,” said the Guernseyman, still itching at his temporary merchant captain’s overlay. “She had them bestow ‘er a tour of the whole remember while I sat and drank brandy with the captain, Captain Marchand it was.”
“Yeah and Adam but they didn’t pick up.”
Bacon… Was that what I could smell? And coffee?
Gloria nodded slowly. “How much do you know about what happened?”
Cal, we’re late,” Keely said as she and Laura walked up to their alter ego.
A half-hour later, he yelled out the window for them to come back in and then laughed. Bethany Rose had stood disguise wearing just the filmy negligee and ran upstairs to her apartment, slamming the door.


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