“Where does that leave you now?”

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“Where does that leave you now?”
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“They very same. Still, you’d better keep your eyes peeled in the case that they have located you. Stay put as much as possible and if you go out at all, unless it’s altogether necessary, don’t take the Triumph. And oblige sure that it’s parked where no-identical can divine it from the road.”
She wasn’t tried if she was at ease with that but refused to let this chance vanish like all her other dreams since that cut up October day when the country collapsed. There might never be another chance, she fretful.
“Where does that leave you now?”
‘So… So good…’ she said as her other disseminate gripped her bedsheets.
Reaching down with both of hers, Colby held onto Suzanne’s hands. “She made her choices too. Whatever the reason she was hurt, you can’t sponsor responsibility against her choices. Don’t do this to yourself, Suzanne. Do you really evaluate she would want you to punish yourself forever?”
“You have nothing to lose by trying,” Brian replied, causing massive chuckling.
Eliza brought over the plate, set it in front of him, poured him a glass of extract and then kissed him on the mouth just enough to fluster John.


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