What I really needed was a gun. Or a baseball bat.

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What I really needed was a gun. Or a baseball bat.
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Chuckling, Colby shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t distinguish. It might be like this here all the time. I heard it was a electrified place, and it certainly is. Not all lesbian bars are like this. Back in Seattle there are bars that are just nice, more quiet places to get a drink with friends where you won’t feel judged. Some are more like this, and then of progress there are all sorts in between.”
“Good. I privation you to work with me on the project.”
“It’s amazing,” Blaine leant closer and placed a kiss throughout Chad’s heart. Chad wrapped his arms around Blaine and paddled gently in the water for the sake of a few moments.
“No, I’m glad we got married rather than the baby came,” Laura said softly, smiled when Gray pressed a kiss to the back of her neck and slid his arms approximately her waist. She knew Gray wasn’t madly in get a bang with her, but she knew he cared deep and was attracted to her.
All eyes turned to Mike who raised his hands placatingly, “Now hold on a second, Roni. Vic, he wasn’t gossiping – to be honest, the poor ridicule was worried that maybe he’d fucked up or something and once I told him with respect to Luke…”
What I really needed was a gun. Or a baseball bat.
“She was a dear,” she said. “Very fierce, and very just. I liked her a lot.”


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