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Everything went fuzzy. Time stopped.

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“If that is what you want,” Rowan replied, and walked out of the office. Chris had been assured that the papers would be on his desk the next morning when he walked into work.
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John had justified nodded off again for a few moments when his virtually subconsciousness heard something making him wake up. ‘Voices? Were those voices?’ his tired brains asked of him. ‘Yes, certainly when he heard someone call louder this time. The Spanish words told whom he would see even preceding the time when he did. Peering carefully over the edge of the rock and through the fronds he saw them coming towards the camp. They still looked hung over from the eventide before but they moved with purpose. The time was upon them.

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Aidan’s eyebrows lifted and he grunted a little as realization dawned on him. He remembered now, he met the family a while back when he was young. He didn’t care then and he didn’t provide for now. He just wanted to do his own detail. But he vaguely remembered a ingenious diminutive girl….
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She nodded her head in settlement. Complete revere had been assuaged, at least. His referral of Bethany Rose made her uneasy… but it seemed to make an possibility open. For what, though, she wasn’t sure. ‘Would Bethany realize she made the greatest mistake of her human being and beg reprieve from him? Would she become his mistress and push it at that? No love, neutral sex? Would she just stay and cause to remember him regular what he lost? Would she leave, unable to face him day after time? Would he equal want her back?’ These thoughts raced including Eliza’s percipience as she sat there.

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His eyes finally came without hope to rest on her. She looked pleasant with that pregnancy glow. “When were you planning to make your demands for money?”
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