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Tori laughed delightedly, “Don’t lie, you’ve been staking out my strain for weeks.”

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When Suzanne gave her a long smack, Tuptim popped up her mind and made a long meow punctuated at the end by a big full mouth yawn. Suzanne giggled. “I’m pitiful, Babycat. I participate in to go. I’m growing to fail to understand you. Mary from downstairs will come up, feed you, and give you some loving every day. I’ll be home on Friday.” She gave her another long, hard pet. This time Tuptim stretched out and put her paw on top of Suzanne’s hand. “Aww, I know. I don’t want to go either, but I have to. Be good!” She got up and grabbed her luggage, and after one form look at her cat headed to the door.
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“My boss told me to require two weeks off work. I was…”

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Getting out of the now scrubbed and painted office and away from the seemingly endless paperwork from seven markets and two unit stores became a pinch as the days came and went.
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A chirpy, cheerful voice answered the phone in a minute:

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“Not like today, I’m telling you. I’ll be there in a moment, Bethany.”
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