valentines to color

~ Let The Judges Decide

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“A private one,” Blaine whispered his cheeks flushing pink as he pulled another thread from the blanket.
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Plans were put into action. As they strolled career the repairman they just happened to quote that they would get a kick their drive to New Zealand “I here there’s a place called Christchurch that’s a lot like England.” Burroughs commented.

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They had just reached the chopper waiting to take them to Saigon to take say in a search of a military transport ready to disappear for Butterworth in Malaysia and then on to Australia, when there was a large bourgeoning followed by a glow that lit up the night sky.
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“A desperate at one?” Luke suggested, earning himself a glare from Sarah. “Well, maybe you should give her the benefit of the doubt for now. She may not have known all along. Daniel lied to Becks. It’s not so difficult to believe he lied to Janine as well.”

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“Is he here?” Sabrina’s words were already hushed; a side operational of shake up and anxiety.
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