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“Opposition, what opposition?”

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“I think that we had better take it unceremonious for the first day or so before we flag swanning around the power.”
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“I made her an advance, sir, when we were last in town.”

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Later, as they sat around a tidy table in the salon, James held up a pineapple wedge. “C’mon, Glory, put up with a bite, it’s nice and sweet.” He touched it to her lips. She tasted the fruit and smiling, opened her mouth, letting him push it in. She took the wedge from him and finished eating it herself.
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As soon as she made association with her clit she felt a tingle “Mmm god yes babe, deeper, yes!” she sighed as she was truly in another world things being what they are. She ran her thumb in behindhand weaken circles over her clit, trying to coax it unconfined of its hood, as she felt herself arching now pushing her ass off the bed as the pleasure increased.

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“Sorry lady.” He backed out of the room. “No other situation incidentally out Boss.”
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