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10.30am and the antediluvian morning top hour had given way to the first rush of shoppers looking for that ever elusory bargain in the city stores. The hotels had just opened their doors to the early customers. The freshly washed effluvium of these hotels would, as the day progressed, give particular to the more familiar odour of stale beer and cigarette smoke as the city patrons strove to drink and smoke themselves into an beginning grave.

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“I loved every moment of it,”
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The bathing tract was to all intents and purposes non-existent. A shower cubicle had a promising fungi farm enclosing its walls while the track left by the dripping tap had carved its way eventually to the floor escape hatch.

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“Darling I’m famished.” Jenny called from the bathroom, from where she emerged towelling her hair. “I just realised that we haven’t eaten for hours. Where can we get something to nosh?”
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