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“Just get something you want, Eliza. It doesn’t meaning all that much, right now.”

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“Sit down, sit down. I’d have thought you knew more approximately me than to ask that question. What happens, happens; it’s not like you have a real choice in the matter, not like you contain any unasked for will, really. We’re all helpless pawns in some incomprehensible cosmic engagement.”
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Sometime in between sober and intoxicated oblivion, Rory made his decision.

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Aidan woke to the survey of someone opening a door, and he was instantly reminded of where he was and why. He couldn’t prevent his emotions enchanting a roller coaster badger if he wanted to, and his body felt numb either from the pain of uncomfortable asylum chairs or the pain in his chest. He decided it was probably both. He looked around the room to see Lili’s two best friends, Willow and Alex, sleeping in be like uncomfortable positions. He finally self-conscious himself to look at the hospital bed in the center of the room where the attend was now checking on a sleeping Lili. His magnificent Lili.
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