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Greg slid down the immure in his chamber realising that he had missed the most obvious thing in the world. Carrie had in reality seen Tori, and Carrie had lied to him. He was furious. Not least because he had underestimated the cunning of women and yet he was pleased because it meant he had a clear path to find her. Greg was startled out of his thoughts about,

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She unhooked my bra and took off my panties. She looked at the body presented in front of her.
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“How did you get abroad there so quickly?”

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Within the hour a further complaint was being lodged by the proprietress of a nightclub which specialised in erotic dancers who were later available, at a price, to the patrons who had been suitably primed on ‘champagne’. What they had been drinking of course was a two-bit locally produced carbonated white wine with the labels of high priced champagne stuck onto the bottle. The trick was to serve the apt bottle foremost, make true that it was well submerged in an ice bucket which contained at least half water so that the label would come off without tearing. The cheap stuff was bought as cleanskins from the winery and the labels were slipped unsatisfactory the good wine and placed on the worthless.
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