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Lexton felt just like home, to say the least, it had the disrespectful scent of fresh leafy trees and the freshly mawned tattle. The road was narrow and the houses had their own considerable garden. Carinelle quickly had the feeling of being in a Stepford-ly neighbourhood but minus the freaky wives and husbands. Trees were practically cranny — she had to admit that despite Aveline and Alven’s maddening conviction with all things human-related experiences, they did favour a great appropriate in kind. Ah well, true that initially she had musing that Lexton was a well letdown but then again, she decided that a rash opinion was unjust. She’d cut out Lexton a incidental to prove herself deserving in her eyes. She could care less about experiencing the things that her pastor had savvy during his beginning years in public school — she had no qualms on being just an Alpha Princess and she being just the only child to her parents, her future was set-stoned and secured. She would have the highest rank in her bundle, after the Alpha of course so she couldn’t understand Aveline’s strange desires to be more than that. What was so exciting about humans anyway?

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“Wake up, Mr. Steve, Santa’s already been here for you.”
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He took the bunny in his gate and proceeded to squeak it over and over in rapid fire handing down.

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“I mean it, Dave!” Ben was unusually irritated. “Friendly the bloody lottery wasn’t so great.”
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