valentines for husband

“What do you want, darling?” Caroline asked, her voice a sultry promise. “Take to task me.”

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“They were executed, weren’t they?” Of course, they were.
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And with that as a last shot, she pushed back her chair on my tiles, which she knew I hated, and stalked her going back to her shush. I lay my culmination on the cool marble of the table, wishing I was anywhere else, listening to what seemed to be a bang and a muffled bane and then silence. Blessed silence. I was surprised not to hear Roni expounding on my ungratefulness at the top of her voice to Mike which was what she normally did when she was pissed off with me.

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“So you’ve always wanted to carp married then?” Chad wrapped his arm far Blaine’s shoulders and smiled down at the boy he was madly in love with.
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