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“I’m dismal, I didn’t understand.”

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The woman turned to Clara and Charity with a kind of relief grin on her face:
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“Yay.” Jamie sarcastically said to herself as she propound her phone back down on the table and took another bite of her now soggy frosted flakes.

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I rolled my eyes, “You’re a sucker, Ava says you’re the best because you’re the biggest man she knows and for as long as you’re the best, it means that you will-power always on the hop her on your shoulders and she can feel like Empress of the World. God, I’d hate to see you with your own daughter, she’ll have you wrapped roughly her little finger.”
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“Hey on it,” Bethany replied with mock sternness and they both smiled. It felt ample to both of them to be joking with each other again.

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To help you jail up with me during the process, I’m launching a giggle account! Rushetteonlit is the username, and I solemnly swear not to flood your dine with uselessness.
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