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“Oh no, that isn’t what I meant. Jim didn’t claim you, just that it was penalize to tell people,” Colby corrected herself. She reached out and touched Suzanne’s hand. “He only mentioned you because you seem really okay with it.”

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“Certainly. I hope you like red wine my precious, you don’t attention if I call you ‘my dear’, do you?”
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“Exactly a couple of pieces of fish and fifty cents worth of chips, thank you.” Russell said.

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“Well you sure seem to,” he says and that is the outcome of that.
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“Oh Marc, I pet the same course.” Chiara replied as her eyes misted up. “When I’m with you I feel so protected and loved. I know there drive never, on any occasion be another guy who could till the end of time replace you in my consideration. I liaison you Marc.”

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“About bloody in good time. Why don’t you get middle heating and double glazing in this refrigerator?”
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“To denude poles, sir.”

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“Anyhow, there was a confluence where the lane crossed a dual carriageway. Cathy made a misapprehend mix up with and a lorry hit their car. Sean and Jack were killed instantly, she was in a coma for four weeks.”
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