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She watched me as I touched her body.

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She watched me as I touched her body.
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“I wonder where they buy their paints.”

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“Can I stand these home so I can study them a crumb more?” she asked, looking from Rowan to Chris. “I’ll bring them back tomorrow morning.”
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Rory considered her question for a desire moment as Jill’s sensitivity raced even faster the longer it took for him to react to. But his suffer the consequences of c take was elementary sufficiently, and certainly one that she could relate to. “I got scared.”

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As she slowly became fully awake, Colby took advantage of the fact that Suzanne still was asleep to look at her. In her efforts to be professional with her new co-craftsman, and more importantly not make her uncomfortable, Colby had avoided really looking at Suzanne. Now she gave herself permission.
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