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“If that was the case, why do all men buy sexy underwear for their women for Christmas?”

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So there you are. Harry Zheng is alive and well and pretending to be the President of Get one’s bearings Pacific Imports. I’m surrounded around relatives, friends, and new employees. It’s all come by accident, or at least that’s what if feels like. Who’d bear thought a marine biologist would be caught up in high finance and big business management. I sure never did.
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Caroline’s face fell once again.

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“Thank Divinity!” Laura exclaimed. She stood up and threw her arms around Gray’s neck. “We should go on there,” she added.
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“I don’t know. I was surprised as hell to find out we had another mole,” Cal said, rubbing his eyes as Jessica slid a face of provisions in front of him. “Thanks Jess,” he murmured, digging in.

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It was him. His devastatingly green eyes effeminate and compassionate. His head tilted as if he was waiting because an rebutter, but I couldn’t reminisce over anything existence his eyes.
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