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The dance was led with the uninjured body rather than the arms or some other answer to move, like to the Tango.

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James returned her grin. All she could do was concur as her grin grew. She wanted to say something, anything, but couldn’t… it was too much, too overwhelming, too fantastic.
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“My pussy. Colby, lick my pussy, content!” Suzanne responded.

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Blushing, Caroline nodded.
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I walked up the steps and slowly opened the straightforward door. I walked inside and closed the door shut.

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(Thanks for Brightdawn for helping me so much!!!!)
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Hunter was coughing a lot.

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“I’m not interested in your excuses.”
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“This,” Chloe touched her arm, “isn’t about you. This was my own doing, my own bad choices.”

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“You better traitorously off,” Butch warned him. “You lay a hand on PJ and you’re gonna have me to dispense with. I’m not frightened to buffet back.”
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