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“She’s a friend, Reverend, that’s all. She’s my bookkeeper and her sister is my housekeeper. There’s three small children, too.

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“Eliza. I like that. Pleasure you be coming to the market tomorrow?”
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“If it’s all the same with you, I’d like to counter until this room is cleaned. It smells jocose and it needs a door.”

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“Is there anything else you need?” the server asked.
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“Chloe was here today,” Suzanne said. The look on Colby’s look out on was only one of surprise. There was no jot of jealousy. It eased her nervousness.

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“That man downstairs loves you. I think he’s proven it time and again since we’ve be brought up here. You’re already his wife in your actions, if not in name. Don’t you catch on to he wants this on account of you? He could go on sleeping with you and never serene consider what’s happening today… and, Bethany, you know that.
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“Oh. Yeah.” He smiled at me.
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