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“Everything. Anything,” Blaine shrugged and danced towards the bedroom.

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“I’ll be in the car, Philip,” Mom said as she gave Dad a scowl. She turned on her heels and walked away.
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“Why do you characterize as I busy on my own? If I’d stayed here I would be as unctuous as some of my female cousins by now. Will you still love me when I look like they do?”

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Lizzy was nowhere in sight. Her ticking clock said that it was already past noon.
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“I didn’t want the baby, but I didn’t need this to happen,” she admitted, her eyes filled with tears and he hugged her gently.

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“And what colours do you prefer?”
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He put together a basket of pigeon peas and two buckets of worms for protein. Whistling another Andrews Sisters’ tune, he walked dorsum behind into the pen and spread the food around, laughing as the hens rushed through the still tall nark to get the worms flying through the quality.

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“Gladden,” she said. “Just so someone is talking to me. If you cannot finish, then you block and I desire not complain. I will understand. Just talk to me for a pygmy while, so that I am here.”
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