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Sandy leaned forward and brushed her lips against Suzanne’s. “I don’t think so, Suzanne. I’m clear with how things are. You need a little time and my coming in might make you want to shortcut that. Like you said, too bad you aren’t here another night,” she said with a little look of regret. “You might feel prone to take another step tomorrow.”

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“Okay,” Donation said then, “the bathroom is aright over there. You go to the little girls’ room and circa a friendly ‘hi’ to our furtive woman on the way.”
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“So was heroin for me,” Chloe said. “I had a choice. I could change and have a chance with Gabriela, or I could lose her. Losing her was the unexcitedly choice. All I needed to do was nothing. I couldn’t take that choice. I affaire de coeur her and she is worth everything I went from head to foot to be worthy of her.” She paused fit a second. “Are you willing to do nothing and lose Colby?” Chloe said.

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He had learned from bad experiences that most people could be vultures when it came to percentage. He should know, since he had grown up that way and thinking that power and money could take off a return you anywhere. And it could, as long as all you wanted was more of both. Joy was a personal matter. In order to manage happiness he needed something else. Something more and he thought he had finally found that.
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