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“Ohuhhh…” unintelligible noises… She struggled to lift her head high reasonably to see him. “Ahheeeuh…”

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“I am perfectly conscious what period it is, Edward,” Caroline said. “I shall be lucky to be given by a quarter ’til twelve. Come along, Michael. It’s days to see Sarah once again.”
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“Ah, well that doesn’t come with the ship, I’m edgy. I had to buy that myself. May I offer you some wine?”

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Closing the door behind him he led her to the single bed against the far wall. Carefully taking her clothes off, he ran his hands over her slender and trembling body. He pushed her until she knock back onto the bed.
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He valid looked at her as he raised his eyebrows as if to ask her a query that he didn’t want to spell loose.

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He didn’t expect her to take it well but he didn’t quite expect her to scream, cry and throw anything she could find at him. She wasn’t sad, she was enraged and when she tried to hit him, he shoved her not on of his house. She had just stood there, with a rather insane look on her face, breathing heavily.
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Charity continued: “Adopt her clothes and join in with her; she’ll like that.”

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Sometime in between sober and intoxicated oblivion, Rory made his decision.
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