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“Ok, let’s see what we can do.”

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Eliza laughed as Bethany dropped her cup and splashed coffee all over the table. She jumped up and away from her chair.
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“So we do it slowly. In effect slowly. I’ll positive you exactly what to do. And then,” I kissed him one more and then sat up on him, grinding my erection against his. “I’m going to ride you like this…”

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“Shhhhh, Bethany Rose. I’m in love with you, don’t you certain?”
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I swallowed hard. “You don’t have to tell me anything,” I managed at last, unable to look at him any longer, my gaze dropping to the cream carpet. “Because it isn’t any of my duty, is it? And you’re probably thinking that you shouldn’t want to account for. That I should be masterly to trust you–after the entirety we’ve been through together, after what you did for my Mum. And you’re to be fair, I should. The skirmish is, it isn’t you I don’t trust, Luke.”

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“Yeah, that asshole!” I quipped back.
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