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“You’re my girlfriend right? That’s all they really need to know, and above they’ll love you pixie-girl!”

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“You’re my girlfriend right? That’s all they really need to know, and above they’ll love you pixie-girl!”
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“Seven and a half. That’s my end offer.”

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“No, but I no more than don’t need to hire out you down,” Colby told her.
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He looked at his two companions. Heads nodded ‘no’ and she left, closing the French doors behind her.

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“Not as long as you can take me home later.”
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We were both slowly starting to melt in ecstasy. If Jay kept up this pace I would be a goner.

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“In January, we were given intelligence of a Spanish treasure ship. We found her front where we should, slack the coast of South America, and captured her with lilliputian problem. The Spanish, you will recall, madam, are currently ruled by Joseph Bonaparte, the Emperor’s brother. Mr. Stanhope – your husband – was given command of the premium and ordered to move her across the Atlantic into Portsmouth. A day later, however, we learned that the intelligence had been incomplete. We were faced with a French frigate equal to ours as well as a smaller sloop, and would have fallen to them but in support of the inconceivable reappearance of the prize, your husband in regulation, firing its four meager cannons to remarkable begin and fundamentally boarding the frigate.”
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“Love what I see,” Clara said, “Lovely ass, Boss.”

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“Love what I see,” Clara said, “Lovely ass, Boss.”
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