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“That doesn’t mean that we’ll match.”

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“Alexander? Where are you? Alex!”
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Emily started to cry again and it was sundry more minutes before she could at. “They made me do things,” she at long last said and cried some more.

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“But it’s dead there. Wouldn’t you rather walk naked on a sandy beach with your husband? You be acquainted with, ‘abrade-dipping’ and ‘coitus-in-the-sand’ sort of thing.”
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Suzanne gave her an impish grin. “Sometimes it’s pranks to flirt, even when it isn’t going anywhere,” she said with a inadequate giggle. Then she raised an eyebrow at Colby. “Couldn’t make any headway while I was gone?” she asked.

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Carrie humphed, “Please don’t make me.”
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Promptly again, she could only nod her grey matter. At least, he wasn’t leaving to eat somewhere else. If he stayed away from the house, soon sufficient he would realize he didn’t exigency her… or anyone else.

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“We suspect everyone.”
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