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“It’s because you love him,”

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“One more, baby,” Chad reached up and gripped his dick and slowly jacked it off, smiling all the while at him. Blaine took a the waves stagger and willed his muscle to relax it was a while before it did and Chad could finally push another fingers inside him. It burnt a little particle but then Chad rubbed his prostate and all thoughts of burning dissipated from his mind as he focused on the pleasure bouncing around in his body.
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Another maid? Some female relative? This house has the look of a docile touch but done in the sometime. The furniture looked untouched to her.

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“Because my car got towed and I had to walk home with my dog in the rain.” Quincy felt like shit. He wanted to have an possibility to be involved in her way of life but he didn’t want to ruin it.
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“For you to, er . . .”

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“For you to, er . . .”
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