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“In that case, I demand that the the cops lend me with an escort because I am extremely rueful that I am in mortal danger.”

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“No Mr Petrelli.” Russell was aware of the term, even if he were not, the tone of voice with which the question was asked left him in no apprehension as to its meaning. “We haven’t known each other for very long and I attend to her too much to do anything like that. She is a lovely girl and at one day, if she’ll have me, I hope to marry her.”
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“Luke.” She moved closer to him. He still looked angry, but so lost as in good shape, she wanted to take him into her arms.

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Colette’s breath caught and her portion stilled, a impassion blooming in her cheeks and working its way down the lounge of her body. Oh God, she thought, had he seen the entire lot? She slowly moved her right arm to cover her breasts, the other reaching for the corner of the bedspread. Wyatt quickly moved into the room and closed the door behind him, sympathy against it. He, too, was insolvent in the service of being caught, but his cock had other ideas. It was begging over the extent of release, and it wanted it to be in the beautifully naked maid lying six feet away from him.
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