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Looking insidiously a overcome, The ghost of a memory, Clinging continually so tightly, Refusing to let go, Not letting me speak, And not letting me forget…

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Dear God…That absolutely hadn’t been something I’d wanted to visualise. “Thanks for that.”
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Rather than listing them off, Sandy picked up the scant bar menu. “There is a list here,” she said as she moved alongside Suzanne. Opening it up to the page, she put it down on the table next to Suzanne and leaned to as she ran her finger down the list. The side of her body brushed against Suzanne. “Here they are. We have some nice ones,” she said as she looked over with at Suzanne.

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Or, on the brink of nothing. He closed his eyes, his audacity moving silently.
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“Mr. Ewart’s here, Micah… and, he’s got a colored girl with him.”

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“Maybe I should give the ‘old dame’ a makeover!” she said, and that caused a caustic laugh and the exposition in her head:
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“Oh yes, if only we had the money.”

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“NOOOO!” He ran near her, but chortling made him stop short.
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