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“You think another man can give you what I can?”

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Running an amber at St Leonards Jerry swung off the Highway into a street that he knew would view as him to Willoughby Avenue and a quicker way north. There was an immediate clamour behind him as the Porsche bounced off a taxi as it was forced to run the red light. It didn’t stop although there was some damage to the left side of the car.
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“You shouldn’t get done that,” Greg said as he walked down the stairs with a tray of food. “Pat says when you behave you can have this,” he added.

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“Suzanne?” Colby called gone. “We’re here.”
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Mike sat heavily in the chair opposite Greg’s desk and exhaled heavily,

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“Eliza,” he said, “thank you for being here.” He stood up and kissed her on the cheek.
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