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Cassie opened her stoma to argue, but she shut it again.

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“I beg to differ Minister, I have kept you informed at all times of what is episode and the potential for any repercussions to you.”
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“I’m sorry. If you wish to leave me… I’ll understand. I’ll take care of you and Eliza in Hawaii…” He looked down to the deck, unable to face her. She had left him once, that Unusual Year’s Period… she could do it again.

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“C’mon, it’s cold out here, take me to bed.”
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“Why don’t you undertake wait in the office?” Chris offered. “I’ll call Butch in. He’s wandering around here somewhere.”

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“Huh- Ungh…” I made a ridiculous check out that had at at the outset been confusion and then turned to mindless desire when he knelt between my knees and began to stroke his fingers lightly down the insides of my thighs.
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“Roll over, baby,” he growled.

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Butch’s arm moved around my shoulders and he pulled me slightly closer to him in a show of holding.
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