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Two hours later, the two lovers had arrived at a detached section of the beach, clearly away from anyone else. She quickly spread in the blanket while he opened the picnic basket and took out ice-cold bottles of Coke and homemade brownies. Sugar and sugar and chocolate… just what the doctor ordered, he thought. Now, for the benefit of a mini lovin’.

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“Want to go to a talkie tonight? I hear Harry Potter came out, like, a not many days ago.”
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“Look, I have some friends who will be able to help you, I will speak to them and ring you back when I make something arranged. Welcome you.”

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She looked at Colby and seemed to see her again. “It didn’t appear like I had a choice. Daddy made me promise not to experience Chloe again, and to be straight. He made me do it while Mom was in the ambulance on the way to the sickbay. I did it. To save them, I promised. I threw away Chloe and her make out. I kept my promise and betrayed her.”
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A uninspired yelp caught her attention winning.

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“Our bungalow out by the lake, Collar depart and I own it, were letting you and Chad use it whenever you thirst to, get some privacy…if you know what I mean.” Kyle winked at Blaine and watched in amusement as Blaine flushed dark pink. “Possibly then we won’t treat interrupted,” Chad whispered in his appreciation.
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“What about this?” Russell asked.

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“Just some papers in ally with an probe that he was working on. Nothing exciting.”
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