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“I’m fine,” Callia retorted stubbornly.

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“I hope that you’re upper. The last thing we want is for something to go wrong at this tip in prematurely.”
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“Do not make the mistake of patronizing me, Mr. Digby. I am not an scholarly woman in the standard sense, but I know adequate to read books, and I understand the signs of a curt winter approaching.”

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Russell made as if to get into the car but as he approached the man who held the door open he slammed his foot into it as hard as he could, catching the fetter unprepared and hitting him in the stomach with the door and sending him reeling regressively. He didn’t have time to feel pleased as punch with himself ahead his world came crashing down around him. He staggered forward and grabbed at the automobile door to stop himself from falling. The pattern id‚e fixe he remembered before losing consciousness was Jenny’s voice pleading with the attackers to bar him alone and the car door slamming closed on the fingers of his left hand.
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