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“They possess put themselves above the law. Both of them are paid assassins and this one,” he indicated BillyBob, “this one still more detestable when he undertook to provide vast quantities of heroin to the drug addicts of the world. What sets him excluding from the normal supplier is that he actively set out to increase his market by tricking many people into becoming addicted to the stuff.”

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I slid off the bench and John helped me pull my pants back up as well. I rubbed my palm over the stubble on his cheek and stole another dismiss. John wrapped his arms around me.
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“But, I can only judge what you must have felt… but, the courts are taking that away, saying that there is no justifiable homicide allowed, even for rape, adultery… it’s ridiculous to have in mind that way. It allows people to act without consequence, destroying marriages and families.”

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‘It’s Katie, tell them it’s Katie,’ I said.
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