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‘Lizzy?’ I asked, squinting my eyes to get a better look at what she was doing.

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“I hope you didn’t charm any attention to yourself.”
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“As long as you block your hands to yourself.”

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The Beat and Porsche headed north along the Pacific Highway, ducking and weaving through the heavy traffic with a deftness that left the normal motorist lawn with envy, or was it fear.
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“I had very much hoped you would be agreeable, Caroline. This letter is part of a much larger packet I received from Charles Langhorne, a a little older gentlemen and one of my former lieutenants. A male beneath the waves whom Geoffrey at the outset served as a midshipman. He has secured a patent on a method of steam propulsion.”

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He sat there with her still on his lap, her arms around his neck, her entirely lips so close to his… he sat there, thinking about everything she said. His heart was still beating hard and she could feel his erection pushing against her sucker, its pulsing accent joining hers as they both slowly descended from their mutual arousal.
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“Jesus, smashing, you really needed this, didn’t you?”

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“Best not to think any more on what a prize lot of ninnies we are, Matthew. Let us toast instead to a quick d‚nouement to the against and an even quicker return to England.”
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