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As she listened to the flight attendants give the safety lecture, Colby wondered again what happened between Suzanne and Piper. The last time she saw them, things seemed to be going well. She tried to keep under control a slight feeling of envy towards Piper. Certainly, things had changed at some exhibit. “Why else would she fool said something this morning?” Colby concern. It was somewhat against her nature, but she felt like she needed to pry into what happened.

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Tuesday, December 29, 1931
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The dinner conversation shifted to other things, mostly of no consequence… typical dinner conversation with guests.

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Dark thoughts surrounded her as she drove. “Colby is such a sunny person and so very caring; and she is stuck on me. She deserves someone better,” she continued speaking aloud. “I’m too weak to do what I should do.” Due then, her phone rang. It was her generic ringtone so she knew it wasn’t Colby. She touched accept and said hello into her Bluetooth.
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