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“Okay, well…if you need anything else…”

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“Yes it’s very nice. A part different to the wines that I am used to.”
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When Roberts port side her she was none the wiser. He drove to the bank mentioned in the note and, after some negotiation with a circumspect head, retrieved the papers from Jane’s safety deposit coffer. He sat in the vault and read quickly through the papers. What he truism in them filled him with unease, not only for his own shelter but that of any one who crossed the path of the organisation mentioned in it. He with all speed re-sealed the papers and left the vault walking quickly to a nearby Post Office he posted the papers by registered dispatch to Interpol.

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“You enjoy me?” she echoed.
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“You pass on not try that again,” Patrick said when Callia regained consciousness.

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“And you’ve done nothing but excuse her for it since you earliest told me.”
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