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“Thank you,” Helen said then in a tiny, nervous part.

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“Should know of his confessor’s attitude. Quite right. I inclination not ask to see it, but based on letters that I myself received, I can guess at its contents. You may wish to consider now, Caroline, whether or not you would be better off destroying it branch. You power also regard whether or not you would be better bad in another town. I have sent a word for word to the Earl to inform him of his son’s decease. It was sent by as slow a post as I could reasonably find, but it will no doubt inflame his derangement again.”
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It was nine o’clock and I was at the exequies prematurely, helping with the preparations. The job of burial director sort of fell on my shoulders, as mum couldn’t cope with the pressure of the preparations and Rob had his hands full on the farm. I liked doing it though, as it gave me something to do. Not that I liked the mental activity of burying my father, I disconnected from the fait accompli that it was his funeral; otherwise I could probably not cope also. I just solicitude recollections of it as another job, maybe I could start a business as a funeral director.

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“Miss Bethany, that was the correct address, last evening? Please, say you made a mistake…”
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“Oh, Charlotte,” Barbara said with a high-pitched giggle. “There is nothing official.”

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“Oh, Charlotte,” Barbara said with a high-pitched giggle. “There is nothing official.”
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“How did you get abroad there so quickly?”

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Within the hour a further complaint was being lodged by the proprietress of a nightclub which specialised in erotic dancers who were later available, at a price, to the patrons who had been suitably primed on ‘champagne’. What they had been drinking of course was a two-bit locally produced carbonated white wine with the labels of high priced champagne stuck onto the bottle. The trick was to serve the apt bottle foremost, make true that it was well submerged in an ice bucket which contained at least half water so that the label would come off without tearing. The cheap stuff was bought as cleanskins from the winery and the labels were slipped unsatisfactory the good wine and placed on the worthless.
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