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“I’d appreciate that, Captain,” Em declared.

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And so I made coffee for Carrie and I told the story for the oldest time. Told her about Luke and meeting him in the nightclub which I would never have normally gone to if I hadn’t been pushed into it by my sister. I told her about how as soon as I get cracking b attack my eyes on him, I just wanted him, and how I had in no way felt that way before and it had scared me. I told her about how he came to me and talked to me and seemed to understand my fear – almost as though he had felt it as well. And how we had the best time together.
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‘I need to defecate help Lizzy,’ I said, grabbing my car keys from the table.

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Russell received this news with mixed feelings. While the intention of being married to Jenny excited him immensely, he also got the feeling that things were moving too solid for him and that decisions were being taken out of his hands.
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‘Blame God…’ I said, placing my hand over my breast.

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“I know … I know!” Em agreed frightfully.
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