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He headed for the Shelter Bridge by trail of the Cahill Expressway and by the time that he reached the tollgates he was aware of a silver Porsche 911 keeping a watching mileage behind him. This, he brooding to himself, is more like it, for a chase car the Porsche was one of the quickest passage statutory cars around. For a tail car the desirable was not so good, for that purpose the car and its occupants needed to be able to blend into the surroundings and not leave a employ concentration to themselves. The Silver Porsche with its occupants sporting subfuscous suits and reflective wrap encircling perving (sun) glasses was rather loud indeed.

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He nodded, “Damn it, caught . What gave me away? My night insight goggles?”
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“Because it is. Even people who’ve fallen this low like to be enduring a beer nowadays and then, acquaintance.”

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“I am also informed that one or both of these men have been involved in the bang and run destruction of a retainer this afternoon. What do you know of this avowal?”
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“I assume that you have a shield on him?”

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“I assume that you have a shield on him?”
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