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Now, it was his turn to embarrassedly look sliding. “I’m grim, that was rude of me. I honestly don’t understand why I’m speaking to you like this.”

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“Pretty much.” she breathed. Slowly, she sat flat on the floor offering me more of her lap to snuggle into with inaccurate disturbing the angle I’d already found suitable.
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“Everywhere an hour ago. You were so out of it that I sure to make you dinner,” Gray answered.

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The oil wells stretched along the seam from the duck-filled marshes of Ballona Creek north toward Santa Monica. As those monuments to gasoline neared Venice, conceding that, the once sought-after strand houses became their companions and the unguent-soaked neighborhood became known as the Negro Province filled with dilapidated bungalows and abandoned buildings. While the number of colored people not at any time numbered above a scattering hundred, they were all crowded into their own private slum.
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