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In no occasion at all the women race had disappeared to prepare the fatted calf and the men had adjourned to talk men talk, which was initially of work, but piece by piece turned, as the latest vintage from the family cellar took control, to a mood of braggadocio. It was during this that Russell establish himself put very strongly on the spot. Slapping him lustily on the back Petrelli Elder said “Russell, tell me, you and my Jenny, you have jig-a-jig, yes?”

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“When can you be ready to return the beginning delivery?”
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William trailed postponed as Matthew smiled at his jest. There was no more taciturn officer in the fleet than the first lieutenant of the Classic.

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Later that evening, the three men met on the veranda, looking off into the darkness. Jim had walked almost, making sure there were no listening children anywhere near…
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He was commencement to believe that he was going twist, seeing things that were not there as he had from this finished year. Daily, sudden movements plagued him from the corner of his eye. The firm moving scurrying shadow-like forms that were not there when he turned in their direction, The blackouts, always in some wens that was filled with special feelings of peace, contentment, or wonder that were hidden from his mom by omission. The trance-like moments where he completed tasks without a remembrance of labor haunted him.

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On the drive back to his rooming house, he felt silly. How could he be interested in the girl? … the woman, he corrected himself. He was at least ten years older than she was and she was colored. So, why was he smiling and whistling as he ate the cake that evening with his dinner?
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“I’ll look forward to it you little minx, but for things being what they are, shall we leave them until they are completely made up and then we can all proceed as normal?”

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We entered my dark lodgings. She closed the door again we were both propitious.
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