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Two hours later, the two lovers had arrived at a detached section of the beach, clearly away from anyone else. She quickly spread in the blanket while he opened the picnic basket and took out ice-cold bottles of Coke and homemade brownies. Sugar and sugar and chocolate… just what the doctor ordered, he thought. Now, for the benefit of a mini lovin’.

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“Want to go to a talkie tonight? I hear Harry Potter came out, like, a not many days ago.”
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The observation took Clara off guard and she said: “Do what?”

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That’s one thing I’ll under no circumstances get about Alexander. He doesn’t normally talk a lot and when he does, conversations don’t last long. Not that that’s a bad thing, if anything I hoped he would be kidney of like that. Since my prayers of him having a shitty personality didn’t work, he could at least be a dormant, charming hottie, but back to what I wanted to allege: Nonetheless he may be quiet most of the time, when he talked he at no time raised his voice, never swore, and when he was to call me names it was always strange ones like “Grumpypants.” A not many days ago when I had tripped over his books, he laughed and called me a “Clutzy-Cat” after saying sorry three times while I cursed out a cloudburst, again.
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“Oh, god! Are they a threat to us?”

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Fuck it. He decided to tell Hunter.
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