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“About as far as I can punt you. Of course I’ll stay with you ludicrous.”

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“Aye, sir,” the coxswain agreed nervously. “But I was reasoning, sir, that if we strung the ship with bunting, like, for a celebration o’ the captain’s alloying, we could pull the cap over their eyes, like, for a extensive while.”
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The Chinook clattered at fault of the North West. It hugged the trees, not so much to avoid enemy fire, but to avoid Allied radar. This was a usual flight into the open of either Laos or Cambodia, and while the helicopter had all the markings of a US Airborne Element it was in fact operated aside the non-existent Air America and used to ferry arms into the hinterland to state warlords who were involved in fighting the command and each other.

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He finished with the weeds everywhere the tomatoes, picked up his shovel and walked over to the chicken coop and run. At first off, the spreading of chicken manure into the compost heap didn’t exactly will him one crumb but finally he grew used to it and now, he had it down to just another task to polish off before it became too sizzling to work outside.
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Tuesday February 7, 1978

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“And yours. I seem to remember that you were blasted for creaming a large share right off the top.”
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Clara was at the moment standing fully behind Liberality, and rubbing her endure and pussy against Charity’s ass.

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“Hey Tori.” he repeated.
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