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After a long time Emily mumbled something in French. Em hope she said, “Where am I?”

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He heard the door open to his progressive, and sighed inwardly. Most likely Olivia coming to find him. He was pleasantly surprised to see the sexy serving girl take industrial action outside. She didn’t notice him at first, she seemed too involved in her thoughts.
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In the interest of a few moments I couldn’t see, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak, purely piece by piece becoming aware of the arms tranquil around me, holding me close, my legs so jelly-like I knew I would’ve fallen without the support. And aside and by I realised I couldn’t see because my eyes were closed, rift them at last to discover I was staring at the tiles in front of me, Luke’s soft sniggering rumbling in my ear.

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He conceded the unsaid sentiment. ‘Nobody’s coming as hanker as we’re here.’
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