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“We’ll have to do this later,” Cooper told Lucas gently. Lucas nodded and turned to Blythe.

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Her sister was speechless. Bethany Rose, talking to a white man like that, a white man that’s her chief. And he is doing what she told him to. What is the world coming to?
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Cassie was wondering if she was doing the repay thing. Then, when she recalled that intonation on Chris’ face and how his eyes had filled with tears when he had talked of his father, she decided that what she was doing was indeed the right thing to do.

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“I know,” Clara said, crying, and then immediately she was in Charity’s arms and Charity said:
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Still holding the vials in one hand, Colby closed the medicine cabinet. She looked at herself in the replication as regards a moment. Slowly she got a firm look on her face. Taking the vials with her, Colby went back out to where Suzanne was even cuddling her cat.

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Huntress was keeping her here, at the bar, until she proved seemly to work. And he was doing his best to make her exactly that. Adrian was frequently required to look after her…to make steadfast she was fed and watered, as it were. He also had the on occasion wincing task of caring for her wounds. Hunter disliked disappointment, and Ella seemed capable of causing him little else.
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