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“What’s Boxing Day, cookie?”

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“Um…yeah. They’re waiting,” I said still lost in her eyes. (PARGRAPH)
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I offer my window down, then put on my seat belt.

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“I’m utilized to it! I’m shorter than most people so it happens all the time,” Colby said with a unclouded smile.
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“I understand.” Keegan replied, his eyes transfixed on a bird swooping over buildings across the circle.

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“We want you to stop the publication of the article that you have written about the CIA or you liking never see your mother again. Ever.”
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“How delicious!” Jane said.

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“It is not effective to make him light-hearted, it will hurt him! Mr. Quentin, what if he finds in view? You’re crazy. No way am I doing this,” Cassie retorted, getting on her feet, hands placed on her hips, looking at Chris with real anger in her eyes.
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