valentine day gift

“I’m scarcely discontented, that’s all. That you felt the need to double check all things I said.”

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“I told you just now, I’m sorry,”
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Just when it seemed that Colby was starting to slow down, Suzanne changed her tactics. Her tongue moved out of Colby’s pussy. For a second, Colby let out a groan of frustration. It only lasted long plenty for Suzanne to convey her lips around Colby’s clit. Gently sucking it into her mouth, Suzanne flicked her tongue more than it. The direct contact caught Colby away ‘no. For a blink, her body arched almost without swing. And then as Suzanne’s teeth lightly share down and vibrated her tongue against the hard clit, Colby screamed. A generally new wave of orgasm rushed upon her. Her body uncontrollably shook. Her eyes rolled rough into her head. With her feet unexciting in the bed, Colby arched her body uniform higher before collapsing. Completely out, her body continued to shake and twitch from the orgasm for a couple of minutes.

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The bastard, did he think he could victory her over with a bit of fancy cooking? As she quickly finished the carry to extremes, reluctantly enjoying the light texture, she planned her revilement to go to when he returned.
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