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“You looked beautiful today,” Gray murmured, slid his hands under Laura’s skirt, past her panties and dipped his fingers inside her. Laura moaned and arched against him, wanted more.

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“We have our methods as excellently. You had advance get some cameras over there because it could be interesting.”
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Looking down over her assume, I slogan her nipples pop up like the timers on a turkey. I swear. One minute smooth cotton blouse, the next it looked like she was smuggling bullets. They drew my hands like magnets. I cupped both of her breasts in my palms and closed my fingers over her nipples. When I twisted them like winding the stem on a pocket watch, she almost came below average the seat.

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“We had unprotected sex,” I blurted out, even though I knew it was as much my fault as his. “I can’t imagine we did that. I can’t believe–“
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“I hope so. I like the thought of inspiring a woman’s sexuality.”

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“I can get some sent to your room.” She wrote something on her notepad. “Would you like more Dr Pepper, too, or would you like some alcohol?”
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