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She was crying as usual.

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But he didn’t seem to have heard. “The next thing I know, she’s grabbing her tummy, doubled up in trouble and there’s blood soaking through her jeans. Right-minded like that, no warning. And I didn’t recognize what to do, how to help–” He stopped then shook his head, no longer looking at me. “Adeptly that’s not quite honestly, of course I knew. I knew it was too fucking dilatory to do anything. I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell she could lose that much blood and not lose the baby. I took her to the hospital, of progression, but…” He gave a helpless shrug.
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“Well, opportune you to have such good instincts. I don’t.”

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He ran to Michael who was taking some peaceful time, or choose hiding in the bedroom having survived the affair that was shopping for new school shoes.
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Adrian shook his head. “You were dreaming.”

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Tori slapped at his strongbox with a giggle which turned into a gasp as she felt his hand slide over her breast and pull on her stretched nipple. She raised her head to him and he kissed her gently, sliding his tongue into her mouth, relishing the sound of her moan. Tori pulled herself up to straddle Greg and delighted at the feel of his hands there her waist sliding down to her arse and pulling her to his very hard cock. She wiggled a little and laughed at his grumble before leaning forward to kiss him once again. They were interrupted by a vibration from Greg’s island. Tori squealed,
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