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“I don’t indeed beget my own car. I bring into the world use of a patrol car on account of work and I use supporters transport on the few occasions that I venture out outside of function.”

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“It’s you,” he babbled, lips loose and pupils dilated. “All that shit about not remembering. All that shit,” he swayed on his feet, coughing, and moved toward her. “Who did you be attached to, you bitch? Who owned you that wants you back?” He staggered saucy. “You knew what you were doing. Turned my own barman against me, even. Well, let me hillock you, it won’t matter. You recollect why? I’ve got fucking Chicago at my back. The goddamn Messenger. The Mad Dog.” He picked up the wooden club again, and hacked a deep cough. “Not anyone fucks with Chicago. Nobody fucks with Hunter. Oh, you fucking bitch. Come and get what you’ve earned!”
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Olivia laughed again, and began walking away, leaving a stunned and terrified Aidan fumbling for his cell phone to call 911, and a bleeding Lili lying on the pavement.One Month Later

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“And you can stay with me.” Russell didn’t miss a trick.
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